Nathan Davies


28th February, 2016

I have just finished my degree at Plymouth University, achieving a Bachelors with Honours in Web Applications Development.

Inspired by the success of the internet, the "need" for another Habbo Hotel fan site, and the endless request for Bebo skins; prepubescent me quickly became infatuated with creating awesome stuff for the web. Fortunately times have moved on, so I could drop the former habits and get into the obsessing of proper web technologies.

After teaching my brain to debug code and feed of semantics, I was able to gain and continually develop a broad range of skills, including; front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, UI), back-end development (ASP.NET C#, HH, PHP5+, OOP, MVC), server configuration (NGinx) and version control (Git, SVN).

When I'm not coding up a treat, I like to use my free time to venture outside as an enthusiastic mountain biker. If getting muddy fails to take my fancy, then I find myself trying to make sense of the universe as a keen astronomer.

Mountain bike, aside the River Tavy
A local ride along the River Tavy

This site will be the home to all my worthy projects, keeping you up to date with their progress and fundamentals... For a more sporadic showcase, check out my GitHub profile. I'll also be looking to update this blog regularly with my thoughts, knowledge and anything generally noteworthy or interesting.

Feel free to contact me, unless you're a spam happy robot.

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